Elizabeth Sugar Boese

	I'm the bouncy solo female traveler who's been around the world 
	visiting over 50 countries over the last decade! 
	My photography is available for viewing and sales 
	such that I may share my perspective of the world.
	I'm an ambitious woman, who teachings computer science
	while working on a Ph.D. on the subject, 
	volunteering for Hosteling International and promoting
	my book "Dare To Go Solo: How To Travel Budget Around the World"
	as well as developing my art with photography.

	The teaching gig allows me time off in the summer
	to expand my horizons through visiting other cultures,
	and sometimes affords the opportunity to volunteer to
	help small communities.

	I live in Fort Collins, Colorado.

If you are interested in my photography (or traveling!) drop me a line at:

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